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A Skip Bag Waste Collection Service

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Terms and Conditions

Usage of Bag

Upon receipt of the bag please make sure there are no tears or punctures in the bag before use. The Jumbo waste bags are very strong and can handle large amounts of weight but may weaken if torn. Please take care when using the bag to avoid damage done so that collection of the waste can be safely executed. If you wish to put sharp objects in the bag, make sure they are wrapped up well.

Location of bag

Make sure bag is positioned in a location where our vehicles can reach before you start to fill it. This is to prevent damage done whilst moving the bag when full. The following criteria must be met so that our vehicles can collect the bag safely.

  • The bag should not be left on public highways, pavements or verges without the proper permission from local authority.
  • The bag must be kept clear of any objects overhanging the bag such as cables, trees etc. This is to ensure the crane can get access.
  • The bag must be within 3.5 meters of a suitable access for the vehicle. Bear in mind that our cranes can lift the Jumbo waste bag over small walls, fences and hedges.

Filling the bag

The weight of the bag must not be more than 1 tonne to allow our cranes to lift from the distance. The waste must be evenly distributed in the bag and must not be overfilled (no waste to be over the top edge of the bag) to allow for covering during transport. Do not put any hazardous or specialist waste materials in the bag. Some examples of these are fridges, freezers, asbestos, batteries, electrical goods, liquids, chemicals, gas bottles, clinical or food waste.

Collecting the bag

Please call the number 0845 671 5544 to arrange collection. Our lines are open 08.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday, 08.00 – 16.00 Saturday and 10.00 – 16.00 on Sunday. Please have the address of the bag and payment details at hand. If you wish to pay by cash then you can do so before collection by going to one of our sales centres. The following are the prices of the bag and collection

  • The Jumbo Waste bag costs £7.00 Inc VAT
  • The collection charge is £55.00 Inc VAT

The payment of collection must be made before we physically collect the bag. We will aim to collect the bag within 3 working days and we will collect the bag within a radius of 20 miles from our sales centres. Please regard that we reserve the right to refuse a collection if these terms are not met as it will either make the collection not possible or not safe to do so. This may be that the bag is too far away from access, the bag may be too damaged or that the location of the bag is further than 20miles. It may be possible to arrange a collection further than 20 miles but please ring our sales centers and enquire before use of the bag. If you feel there may be an issue with the collection and following the terms please contact the sales centre before payment of collection and let us know because it may not be possible to give a full refund if our vehicle arrives and cannot collect the bag.